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A Two Minute Check Method For The Transfer Pipette

Two minutes of pipetting method:

This is a simple way to quickly check the hands of the Transfer Pipette, through the inspection, to determine whether the hands of the Transfer Pipette is in a normal working condition.

1, leak detection:

Our hands in the Transfer Pipette called the air displacement of the Transfer Pipette, if there is leakage of the situation, then our sampling results will certainly not be accurate, which will directly affect the end result of our experiment, the consequences are more serious The So, how to determine whether the Transfer Pipette leaks? This requires us to do a simple test on it:

First, take a transparent container, install the water, will need to test the Transfer Pipette loaded on the suction, suction water, if it is P2, P10, P20, P100, P200 Transfer Pipette, Face 1 - 2 mm, wait 20 seconds to observe the tip of the liquid surface is down, if it drops, it shows that the hands of the Transfer Pipette there is a leak situation;

If it is P1000, P5000, P10ML Transfer Pipette, please tip down down 20 seconds to observe whether there is liquid drops, if any, that your hands in the Transfer Pipette also appeared in the case of leakage.

2, find the cause of the malfunction:

First, check that the tip is in place and replace the tip again to eliminate the blowout condition due to the relationship of the tip. Then, check the port portion of the white sleeve (ie, the portion where the white sleeve is in contact with the tip If there is a scratch; then, check the white sleeve and handle the connection between the nut is loose. If this is not the case, it means that the seal ring or piston components are damaged, please contact the factory or professional repair.

3, check the appearance:

Press the discharge button, feel smooth, listen to whether there is noise, observe the discharge rod is bent; rotation adjustment button, observe the counter readings are biased.

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