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Centrifuge Tube Mainly With The Centrifuge

Centrifuge tube is a laboratory inside a common experimental supplies, mainly with the centrifuge. The experimental liquid will be installed in it, and then placed inside the centrifuge centrifuge.

According to the different materials can be divided into plastic and glass, plastic centrifuge tube with more, and can be divided into PP, PC, PS, etc., according to different needs, manufacturers will choose a different plastic materials to be produced.

According to its size, divided into 1.5ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 50ml, etc., domestic centrifuge tube is generally these specifications, with more is 10ml and 50ml. If your centrifuge is equipped with 30ml or other specifications of the centrifuge tube, we must consider the import of the. In addition, the centrifuge tube also has a round bottom and a bottom, as well as the screw cap and insert the points. The screw cap of the centrifuge tube with a more fine scale, plug only one overall capacity marked.

Laboratory commonly used centrifuge tube with plastic and glass, the general use of plastic more, because the glass centrifuge tube can not be used in high-speed or ultra-speed centrifuge. Plastic centrifuge tube and PP (polypropylene), PC (polycarbonate), PE (polyethylene) and other materials. PP pipe performance is relatively better. Plastic centrifuge tube transparent or translucent, you can intuitively see the sample centrifugal situation, but more easily deformed, anti-organic solvent corrosion is poor, so the service life is shorter. Therefore, the laboratory will often buy a centrifuge tube. Here on the various materials were introduced.

PP (Polypropylene): translucent, chemical and temperature stability is good, but at low temperatures will become brittle, so do not centrifuge at 4 ℃ below.

PC (polycarbonate): good transparency, hardness, can be high temperature disinfection, but not strong acid and alkali and some organic solvents such as alcohol and the like. Mainly used for more than 50,000 rpm ultra-high-speed centrifugal.

PE (polyethylene): opaque. And acetone, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid and other non-reaction, more stable, easy to soften at high temperatures.

PA (polyamide): This material is PP and PE material of the polymer, translucent, chemical properties are very stable, but not high temperature.

PS (polystyrene): transparent, high hardness, stable for most of the aqueous solution, but will be a variety of organic corrosion, mostly for low-speed centrifugation, and is generally a one-time use.

PF (polyfluoro): translucent, can be used at low temperature, if it is -100 ℃ -140 ℃ under the experimental environment, you can use this material centrifuge tube.

CAB (butyl acetate cellulose): transparent, can be used for the more dilute acid, alkali, salt, and alcohol, sucrose gradient determination.

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