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Common Error Analysis Of Transfer Pipettes When Pipetting

A good Transfer Pipette usage can help extend the life of the Transfer Pipette, improve the accuracy of the pipetting and maintain the health of the user. Here are some common mistakes in the use of laboratories, I hope you will be more careful after reading:

1. Absorbent angle

Many users in order to facilitate the process of aspirating the sample in the suction nozzle in the situation, will make the Transfer Pipette in the suction process to maintain a 45 ° dip or even closer to the horizontal angle. But it was wrong.

1) When the sample is moved closer to or reaching the maximum volume of the tip, the Transfer Pipette is tilted at a large angle so that the liquid slips into the handle of the Transfer Pipette, thereby contaminating or even destroying the piston of the Transfer Pipette, Causing cross contamination of the sample;

2) The large angle of the Transfer Pipette also makes the contact between the outer wall of the suction nozzle and the liquid surface increases, so that when the suction head leaves the liquid surface, the liquid remaining on the outer wall is also more, it is easy to discharge with the tip The liquid moves away from the tip, thereby reducing the accuracy of the pipetting, which is likely to be fatal to the dilution of the fine liquid (eg 2ul and 10ul) Transfer Pipettes.

2. Suction speed

In the laboratory can often see the user in order to "improve efficiency", in the liquid when the thumb quickly release, which makes the liquid quickly rushed to the inside of the tip. As a matter of course, this forces the liquid to form a turbulent state after entering the tip, resulting in the invisible vapor mist entering the Transfer Pipette inside the small and medium range Transfer Pipette, and for a large range of Transfer Pipettes You will see the liquid directly rushed inside the Transfer Pipette. The end result is pollution and even corrosion of the Transfer Pipette piston, easily lead to cross-contamination of the sample, the accuracy also has an impact.

3. Storage

A considerable number of users in the Transfer Pipette after the use of the Transfer Pipette will be placed directly on the bench, like a clean neat may put the Transfer Pipette in the drawer. This is actually not good. In the pipetting process, it is inevitable that there will be liquid into the inside of the Transfer Pipette, in the flat state, the liquid will remain in the piston and other components, over time after the pollution of the piston and even corrosion of the piston.

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