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How To Choose A Good Centrifuge Tube

General production centrifuge manufacturers will produce the corresponding Centrifuge Tube, mainly to ensure that the host, head and Centrifuge Tube overall safety. Centrifuge Tube is a tubular specimen container, can be with a seal or gland, is the use of centrifugal technology, the high-speed rotation of the object produced a strong centrifugal force, so that the suspended particles in the rotating body in the settlement or floating, so that some particles to achieve enrichment or separation with other particles. In the current market according to the material can be divided into Centrifuge Tubes plastic Centrifuge Tube, glass Centrifuge Tube and steel Centrifuge Tube. In order to be able to centrifuge a small amount of the Centrifuge Tube in a large number of samples to get more centrifugal force, some manufacturers invented high centrifugal Centrifuge Tube (such as G-max tube), different types of Centrifuge Tube suitable for different applications:

Plastic Centrifuge Tube

The advantages of the plastic Centrifuge Tube are transparent or translucent, and its hardness is small and the gradient can be removed by puncture. The disadvantage is easy to deform, resist the corrosion of the organic solvent is poor, the service life is short. Plastic Centrifuge Tube can be equipped with a tube lid, its role is to prevent the leakage of samples, especially for radioactive or strong corrosive samples to prevent the leakage of samples is very important; the tube lid also has a role in preventing the evaporation of the sample and supporting the centrifuge tube from deforming. When selecting this point, you should also pay attention to check whether the tube cover is tight, in the test can be covered to reach the inverted liquid; plastic centrifuge tube, commonly used materials have polyethylene (PE), polycarbonate (PC), polypropylene (PP), etc., polypropylene pp tube performance will be relatively good, so, We consider the plastic Centrifuge Tube of polypropylene as much as possible when selecting the plastic centrifuge (see the Chemical reagent tolerance table).

Glass Centrifuge Tube

The use of glass tube centrifugal force should not be too large, need to cushion rubber pads, to prevent the tube broken, high-speed centrifuges generally do not choose glass tube. Centrifuge Tube lid Sealing is not good enough, the liquid can not be filled (for high-speed centrifuges and the use of the corner turned around) to prevent overflow, loss of balance. The spillover effect is that the pollution turns the head and the centrifugal cavity, affecting the inductor to work normally. When speeding centrifugal, the liquid must fill up the Centrifuge Tube, because the ultra separation needs to draw the high vacuum, only then fills to avoid the Centrifuge Tube distortion.

Steel Centrifuge Tube

But the steel Centrifuge Tube strength is big, does not deform, can resist the heat, the frost resistance, the chemical corrosion resistance, its application is also quite widespread, but also should avoid contacting the strong corrosive chemical medicine, such as acid, alkali and so on when using. Try to avoid the corrosion of these chemicals. In the experiment, according to the specific circumstances to choose the appropriate type of Centrifuge Tube to see whether it is suitable for the selection of plastic Centrifuge Tube, or the choice of glass Centrifuge Tube suitable or steel Centrifuge Tube more suitable for some.

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