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Medical Surgical Blades Are Sterilized In Three Ways. Methods As Below

  Medical surgical blades are sterilized in three ways. Methods as below:

  First grouped

  The medical surgical blade random use of three kinds of disinfection methods, that is, high-pressure steam sterilization method, boiling disinfection, immersion disinfection method, any kind of disinfection methods are sampled thirty times, surgical blades three groups a total of ninety times. Drinks were carried out in each group before sterilization to culture the bacteria.

  Sampling before disinfection

  To carry out the operation to wear sterile gloves using sterile saline on the surgical blade and suture needle rinse, surgical blades after washing the liquid poured into the culture tube inside the bacterial culture, before and after the sterile test tube should be the hole Use an alcohol lamp to burn.

  Sampling after disinfection

  The surgical blades were washed first, and they were sterilized by autoclaving, sterilizing, sterilizing and soaking for 30 minutes. The sterile gloves were used and the sterile saline was used to continue the flushing twice. Off, surgical blades and then 2 ml of sterile saline on the surgical blade and suture needle for cleaning, the cleaning solution into the test tube which inverted to the bacteria room for culture.

  The results showed that in the 30 cases of bacterial culture before sterilization, 26 cases were bacterial growth and 86% were positive. Of these, 70% were Gram-negative bacteria. And after the disinfection of a significant decline. surgical blades And three kinds of disinfection methods have a certain effect, and the effect of boiling disinfection is very obvious, but the medical surgical blade is best to use a one-time, and then used to throw away.

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