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Prevention Of Surgical Suture Needle Into The Body

  Prevention of surgical suture needle into the body

  Hand grip needle when the force, the force to the direction of the needle tip, the needle tip perpendicular to the suture tissue or skin surface, feeling inappropriate, the needle is the same, can not pull out the vertical force, pull the direction of force also follow the direction of force Is consistent.

  Hand grip In addition to textbooks introduced methods, but also can be hand-held, you can also use the thumb and index finger pinch pinch, with the wrist force, the direction of better control.

  If the needle has been bent, it is best not to use, if re-use, then absolutely can not bend over the original position with the needle holding the original.

  The position of the needle holder can be determined according to the actual situation. If there is no special need, it can be slightly closer to the tip of the needle, and the first half of the whole needle, if the special needs, such as the tip of the nose in the L-type prosthesis Nasal implantation of tissue flap, the location of the deeper, then the needle position in particular by the future, we must pay special attention (of course, this position if broken needle, is also better looking for).

  If you can change a slightly larger needle, you can consider, such as in the suture of liposuction after the patient's skin, you can use 5-0 silk thread, for better suture, with a little more subcutaneous tissue, you can also remove the thread on the band Of the small needles, choose thin leather needle, with 5-0 silk, the effect is better, but also better prevent the occurrence of broken needle.

  In short, in order to better protect themselves, communicate with patients is also very necessary. If you can easily handle, try not to let patients know that we "wrong", if the deal is very troublesome, or hope to explain the patient as appropriate to understand.

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