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Specification And Precautions For The Use Of Transfer Pipette

  Specification and precautions for the use of Transfer Pipette

  1. Use the right suction head:

  In order to ensure better accuracy and accuracy, it is recommended that the liquid volume be within the 35 range of the suction head.

  2. Set a liquid product

  From a large range of adjustment to a small range of normal adjustment method, counterclockwise rotation scale can be

  When adjusting from a small range to a large number of processes, it should be adjusted to exceed the set volume scale, then callback to the set volume, which can ensure the accuracy of the liquid

  3. Suction Head Installation:

  For most brands of liquid-transfer device, Transfer Pipette especially the multi-channel liquid, the installation of suction head is not easy: for the pursuit of good sealing, the liquid will be inserted vertically suction head, left and right rotation half lap, tighten can. Some people will use the liquid to repeatedly hit the suction head to tighten, but this operation will cause the suction head deformation and affect the precision, serious will damage the liquid, so should avoid such operation. Some of the multi-channel liquid-shift device with O-ring, with the front of the suction head, just a light pressure can achieve the ideal seal.

  4. Suction head immersion angle and depth:

  Suction head immersion angle control within 20 degrees of tilt, keep upright as good;

  5. Suction Head Run Wash:

  At room temperature samples, Transfer Pipette suction head washing can help to improve accuracy, but for high-temperature or low-temperature samples, suction head run to reduce the accuracy of operation, please use special attention.

  6. Liquid Suction Speed:

  The liquid-moving operation should be kept smooth and suitable for the suction liquid speed, too fast the liquid suction speed can cause the sample to enter the handle, which brings the damage of the piston and seal ring and the cross contamination of the sample.

  7. Placement of the liquid transfer device

  The liquid-absorbent fluid should not be laid flat, the liquid inside the suction head can easily pollute the inside of the gun and may cause the spring rust of the gun.

  8. The liquid transfer device should be adjusted to the maximum after each experiment, Transfer Pipette so that the spring back to the prototype to extend the service life of the liquid

  9. In order to obtain the high accuracy, the suction head needs to absorb a samples of solution beforehand, then formally moves the liquid, because absorbs the serum protein solution or the organic solvent, the suction head inner wall will remain a layer "the liquid membrane", causes the liquid discharge quantity to be small and produces the error.

  $number. The concentration and viscosity of the liquid, will produce errors, in order to eliminate the compensation for the error, can be determined by the test, Transfer Pipette the amount of compensation can be adjusted by adjusting the Knob reading window reading to set.

  $number. Liquid removal is strictly prohibited from absorbing liquids with strong volatile and corrosive property.

  $number. Do not use a large number of fluid pipette to remove small volume of liquid, so as not to affect the accuracy. At the same time, if you need to remove a large amount of liquid outside the range, please use the liquid transfer tube to operate

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