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Surgical Scalpel There Are Four Kinds Of Commonly Used Knife Method

The surgeon used the scalpel and the knife handle in the hospital. The blade is disposable, the handle is not. The other instruments are not disposable, but are autoclaved at each use. The so-called sterilization is to kill all micro-organisms. So as long as strict disinfection, do not worry about this problem.


3, 3, lengthened, 4, 4, lengthened, 7, 9, 18CM on the bend, 18CM bend (its type engraved at its end).

The scalpel is mainly used to cut the skin or organs. Commonly used scalpel for the knife handle and blade combination, there are knife handle and blade connected. According to the location and nature of surgery, you can choose the size, shape different surgical blade. There are four commonly used knives:

1. This is a commonly used knife method, wide range of action and flexible, for the abdomen, neck or femur skin incision.

2. Shiatsu commonly used in cutting a wide range of large incision, such as cutting a long skin, amputation and so on.

3. Written by the method of gentle and delicate operation, for cutting short and accurate incision, such as anatomy of the nerve, blood vessels, so small incision and so on.

4. Reversible method This method uses a knife to the curved surface of the surgical blade, commonly used to pick up the organization, so as not to damage the deep tissue.

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