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Surgical Sutures& Needles Use

Surgical Sutures& Needles use

Surgical Sutures& Needles is mainly used for surgical suture, mostly stainless steel wire in the tail of the tail hole or slotted, the appearance of polished, electrolytic treatment, should be very smooth; needle according to the actual needs are divided into: round needle, Shovel needle, straight needle, etc., according to the actual needs of the arc is divided into: 1/2/3/8; production process is very complex, is a high-tech products, fine drilling even use laser drilling technology.

Surgical Sutures& Needles characteristics

(1) high-quality stainless steel, the needle can be repeated by repeated bending.

(2) puncture force is good, the needle body through the coating treatment, the needle body is more smooth than other suture needle easier to puncture the skin tissue.

(3) many times through the body tissue after the tip is still sharp.

(4) advanced heat treatment technology, so that the steel to maintain a considerable hardness, the use of easy to deformation.

(5) the use of advanced needle tail laser longitudinal drilling technology, so that the needle-line connection is almost integrated into a true sense of the injury-free sewing needle line.

(6) Acupuncture Needles: Contrary to other brand sutures, the use of a less invasive anti-triangular needle type.

(7) meet the Surgical Sutures& Needles industry standard.

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