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Surgical Sutures Needles Used For Various Tissue Sutures

Surgical instruments are essential items for surgical operation. Correctly grasp the structural characteristics and basic performance of various surgical instruments and proficient in the use of surgery is the basic requirements and guarantee. According to the principle of leverage, the general surgical instruments can be divided into two categories: one is with the shaft of the device, in the tail force, the pivot for the fulcrum, the tip to the shaft to form a heavy arm, handle ring to the arm to form the arm, When the formation of clamping force, such as vascular pliers, needle pliers and scissors, etc .; the other is forced in the middle of the instrument, the work point in the front, such as scalpels, surgical tweezers and so on.

Surgical Sutures Needles referred to as needle, is used for a variety of tissue suture equipment, which consists of the needle, needle body and tail three parts.needle body shape is nearly round, triangular and spade three, the first part of the needle body is the first half of the triangle or round, the latter part of the For the flat, in order to facilitate the needle clamp firmly clamped; needle end of the eye is used for the lead wire hole, divided into ordinary holes and machine hole. There are many hospitals with needle-and-threadless needle, the needle tail embedded with the needle body thickness similar to the line, this needle and thread on the organization caused by the smaller damage, and to prevent suture stitches when the needle. Clinically, according to the needle and the needle between the two points between the curvature of the needle will be divided into straight needle, half curved needle and curved needle; according to the shape of the needle crossed and divided into needle and needle.

Straight gauge: suitable for suture in spacious or shallow operation, such as skin and gastrointestinal mucosal suture, and sometimes for the liver suture.

Acupuncture needles: the most widely used clinical, suitable for small or deep tissue suture. According to the arc curvature is divided into 1/2, 1 / 4,3 / 8,5 / 8 radians and so on. Almost all organizations and organs can choose different sizes, curvature of the curved needle for suture.

No damage stitch: mainly used for small blood vessels, nerve epicardium and other fine tissue anastomosis.

Triangular needle: the tip of the triangle in front of (shape), can penetrate the hard tissue, for suturing the skin, ligaments, cartilage and scar and other organizations, but not for facial skin suture.

Round needle: needle tip and needle body sections are round, for suturing the general soft tissue, such as the gastrointestinal wall, blood vessels, fascia, peritoneum and nerves.

Clinically should be based on the need to choose a reasonable needle, in principle, should be used more fine needle diameter injury.

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