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The Basic Principle Of The Transfer Pipette

  The basic principle of the Transfer Pipette:

  The micro-dosing device (pipette) was first developed in 1956 by Schnitger, a scientist at the German Institute for Physiological Chemistry, and then, in 1958, the German Eppendorf company began producing a button-type micro-dosing device, becoming the world's number one company to produce micro-dosing.

  The suction range of these micro-splines is between 1-1000 and is suitable for use in clinical conventional chemistry laboratories. Micro-dosing device development to today, not only add samples more accurate, and varieties are also diverse, such as micro-distributor, multi-channel micro-add-like device, and its physical principle of the following two kinds of:

  Shan uses air cushion (also called piston stroke) to add sample;

  The Shan uses a free air cushion to move the piston in addition.

  The two kinds of micro-dosing device with different principles have different specific application ranges.

  The use of liquid-shift (liquid-transfer device) Recommended:

  1, the liquid to maintain the correct posture; do not always grip the liquid, the use of the liquid with the finger hook to help alleviate hand fatigue; if possible, change hands frequently.

  2, periodically check the sealing status of liquid, once the seal is found to be aging or leakage of liquid, must be replaced in a timely manner.

  3, each year to carry out 1-2 inspection of the liquid (depending on the frequency of use).

  4, most of the liquid transfer, before and after the use of a period of time, to the piston coated with a layer of lubricating oil to maintain the tightness;

  Daily maintenance and maintenance of Transfer Pipette

  Cleaning of the Transfer Pipette

  Regular cleaning of the liquid transfer, you can use SOAP water, 60 isopropyl alcohol, 70% ethanol and other non-corrosive detergent, and then wash with a distilled water, natural dry. Before high temperature disinfection, ensure that the liquid transfer device can adapt to the high temperature.

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