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The Safe Use Of Laboratory Glassware

The safe use of laboratory glassware

There are many accidents caused by glassware, most of which are cut and burned. In order to prevent such accidents from happening, laboratory glassware the nature of the glass must be fully understood.

1, glassware should be carefully checked before use, to avoid the use of cracks in the instrument. Especially for decompression, laboratory glassware pressurization or heating operation of the occasion, but also to seriously check.

2, can only use the clean glass equipment. Before use, wash all dirty glassware.

3, do not wear rubber gloves when cleaning glassware, laboratory glassware because it will make it very slippery.

4, all the glassware on the center of the table rather than on the edge of the table.

5, beakers, flasks and test tubes and other instruments, because of its thin wall, mechanical strength is very low, for heating, you must be careful operation.

6, suction filter bottles and jars like thick-walled containers, laboratory glassware often due to rapid heating and rupture. Only heat-resistant glassware can be heated.

7, the glass tube or thermometer into the rubber stopper or cork, often broken and cause injury. To this end, the operation can be stained in the glass tube or coated with lye, glycerol and other lubricants. Then, the left hand holding the stopper, the right hand holding the glass tube, while rotating slowly put the glass tube into the plug. laboratory glassware At this point, the distance between the right thumb and the left thumb should not exceed 5 cm. And, it is best to use a towel to protect the handle more secure. Rubber plugs and other drilling, the hole is slightly smaller than the diameter of the hole, and then file with a round file about the appropriate expansion of the aperture that line.

8, the processing of glass may occur when the big accident, is heated with flammable gas containers caused by the explosion. For this reason, the flammable gas in the container must be cleaned before operation. At the same time, laboratory glassware after heating the glass, at first glance is difficult to detect, and a contact that is often burned.

9, open the closed tube or tightly stuffed containers, because of its internal pressure, often spray or explosion occurred.

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