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The Transfer Pipette Is Verified By The Measurement Method

  The Transfer Pipette is verified by the measurement method.

  1. Preparation before verification

  The selected nozzle should be matched with the suction lever of the seized liquid device. At the lower end of the suction lever of the liquid shifter, Transfer Pipette gently rotate the nozzle to ensure the sealing of the liquid fluid, and there should be no water hanging in the process of completing several suction and discharge fluids.

  Single-hole detection of multi-type liquid-displacement device

  2. Verification steps

  (1) The weighing Cup will be placed in the electronic balance, after the balance display stable, press the joystick to make the electronic balance zero.

  (2) Adjust the capacity of the liquid transfer device to be cleaned.

  (3) Hold the liquid device vertically, press the button to the specified position, at this point the nozzle immersed in the container with distilled water, Transfer Pipette and keep the liquid surface 2mm to 3mm, slowly relax the button, waiting for 1 to 3s after leaving the liquid surface, dry nozzle outside the liquid (at this time can not touch the liquid mouth, in order to avoid the tube mouth liquid out. )

  (4) Remove the weighing cup from the electronic balance, the suction head flow liquid in the weighing cup inside the wall and into 45 °, slowly push the button to the first stop point, Transfer Pipette wait 1-3 seconds, then push the button completely down, then the suction head along the inner wall of the weighing cup to move upward.

  (5) Put the weighing cup into the balance scales, record the value of the balance at this time, and record the temperature of distilled water in the container at this time.

  (6) Repeat the above 10 times, and fill in the "micro-liquid pipette Calibration Table"

  The verification shall consist of two quanta, Transfer Pipette the first being the largest, the second quantum being the 10% or minimum range of the largest range

  3, small-range adjustment method of liquid capacity

  Use calibration tool to rotate the nut clockwise to increase capacity when insufficient capacity

  Use calibration tool to rotate the nut counterclockwise to reduce capacity when capacity is too large

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