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Transfer Pipette, Also Known As Pipette

  Transfer Pipette, also known as Pipette, are an instrument for the quantitative transfer of liquids and are widely used in biological, chemical and other fields and clinical diagnostic laboratories, biotechnology laboratories, pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories, environmental laboratories, A common tool for food laboratories, often with manual adjustable Transfer Pipette and electric parts, also has a number of optional specifications depending on the volume of the liquid removed. Pipette main features:

  Specifications:Transfer Pipette Includes volume changes from 0.1ul-5ml to meet routine needs, both accuracy and repeatability.

  Pipetting sterilization: the entire lower part of the pipette can be high temperature sterilization, as long as the lower half gently open,Transfer Pipette you can remove the sterilization. So you can carry out some biologically dangerous or sterile requirements of relatively high work. The whole sterilization is only applicable to a very small number of experiments. The pipette sterilization method needs to be operated according to the specified procedure. If prolonged sterilization will affect the pipette's accuracy and service life.

  Each pipette is equipped with a pipette performance certificate provided by the factory to obtain relevant data through a series of complete tests.

  The 8-12 track micropipette (Transrferpette 8-12) simplifies all immunization, cell culture clinical diagnosis and food analysis often occurs, and microtiter related microtiter work.

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