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Laboratory Glassware With Better Heat Resistance And Temperature Tolerance

Glassware made of sodium silicate silicate glass. Colorless transparent containers, the iron content of glass is generally less than 0.02%. A colorant was prepared by adding a colorant to the glass raw material; an opacifying agent was added to prepare an opaque glass (manufactured by glass). Manufacture of high-quality artifacts such as goats, perfume bottles, fruit pots and so on more use of potassium lead silicate glass, also known as lead crystal glass. This glass contains PbO, with high refractive index and dispersion, grinding edge is particularly bright, high specific gravity, percussion when the crisp sound. Containing PbO30% or more for the whole lead crystal glass, containing PbO24 ~ 30% in the lead crystal glass, containing PbO18% below the low lead crystal glass. There is also BaO-containing barium crystal glass. Cooking utensils such as coffee pots and other products using heat-resistant borosilicate glass, the thermal expansion coefficient is low, strong resistance to temperature abrupt. Glass-ceramic has better heat resistance and temperature resistance, mechanical strength, suitable for the manufacture of cooking utensils and restaurants in the hotel often washed containers.

How to wash glassware

1, conventional washing method: for the general glass equipment, rinse with tap water, with a brush dipped in decontamination powder carefully brush inside and outside the surface, with particular attention to frosted parts, and then rinse with tap water 3-5 times, and then rinse with distilled water 3 times The Wash the glass surface of the instrument does not hang the water.

2, scrub the glass equipment, according to the nature of the dirt to choose a different lotion for soaking or cooking, and then washed with water.

3, special cleaning requirements: In some experiments on the glass instruments have special cleaning requirements, such as spectrophotometer on the cuvette, for the determination of organic matter, should be washed with organic solvents, if necessary, nitric acid can be used for immersion.

4, the preparation of washing liquid:

(1) Strong acid oxidant lotion: 20 grams of potassium dichromate (chemically pure) was dissolved in 40 ml of hot water. After cooling, 360 ml of concentrated sulfuric acid was slowly added with stirring (note that potassium dichromate can not be added Concentrated sulfuric acid). After cooling, pour it into the jar. When the solution turns green, it should not be used again.

(2) alkaline ethanol lotion: 25 grams of potassium hydroxide dissolved in a small amount of water, diluted with ethanol to 1 liter. The solution is also suitable for washing the oil on the glassware.

(3) pure acid lotion: 1 + 1 hydrochloric acid (sulfuric acid, nitric acid) on the glass equipment soaking.

5, in addition to the laboratory commonly used washing products are: soap, detergent, decontamination powder and so on.

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