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Mechanical Resistance

Thermal stress

When the glass production and processing, and can introduce harmful thermal stress. In the molten glass during cooling from the plastic State to a hard state change occurs in high and low annealing temperature between. At this stage, must by carefully controlled return process to eliminate the existing thermal stress. Once the lower annealing point, glass can be accelerated cooling and does not reflect in any major new stress. Glass heated reactions are also similar, for example, by direct flame heating itself, to push to a higher temperature of the question, beyond the control of cooling or cause "frozen in" thermal effects and severely reduce the ability to resist crushing and mechanical stability. Inherent stress in order to, inter alia, the glass must be heated to somewhere between high and low annealing temperature problem and continue for about 30 minutes, and then cooling the cooling rate in accordance with regulations.

Resistance to temperature change

Push the retaining glass heated to a lower temperature the temperature, thermal expansion and poor conductivity of heat leads to Zhang Li and pressure. If, due to improper heating or cooling rates beyond affordable mechanical, glass breaking. In addition to the expansion, its value as the glass type and wall thickness, glass collection of different shapes and different, there is a special need to consider any scratches on the glass. Therefore, indicate an exact value is very difficult to resist thermal shock. Of course, the thermal expansion coefficient hydrolysis glass deserves a more realistic level than as AR-Glas glass against temperature change ability.

Mechanical stress

From a technical point of view, the resilient performance of the glass is ideal, that is, the range is exceeded, the tension and pressure does not cause deformation, but will result in rupture. Glass can withstand the tension is relatively small, and as there are scratches or cracks in the glass and further decreases. For security reasons, mechanical and industrial design level for hydrolytic glass can withstand tension 6N/MM ². While under pressure, about 10 times higher.

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