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Method Of Making Glass Specimen

Making glass specimen is important for understanding the structure of organisms. Temporary slides glass specimen specimens (smear, imprint, temporary slide) and permanent glass specimen (permanent mount, slices).

1. Smear

Smear is evenly coated in the material slides on a method.

Unicellular organisms, small algae smear material, blood, bacteria culture fluid, loose tissue, testis, anther and other flora and fauna.

Smears should be aware of: (1) slides must be clean. (2) slides to be impartial. (3) coated evenly. Apply droplet slides on the centre-right, with anatomical knife or toothpick, evenly. (4) in order to thin. With the other slides up along drops of washing glass-sided (angle between the two slides should be 30 ° ~45 °) gently push from right to left, paint evenly in a thin layer. (5) fixed. As fixed-available Chemical fixation or drying method (bacteria) are fixed. (6) staining. Bacteria with methylene blue, blood red dye. Staining solution to cover the whole surface. (7) rinse. Dry or dry with an absorbent paper. (8). Long-term preservation, Canada tree films.

2. Compression method

Compression method is the use of biological material under the slide and cover between it under pressure, a method of cell pressure.

The general process of compression method:

(1) materials. Observation of cell division, should select strong, fresh cells in cell division for materials. Such as root, stem-Apex meristem tissue, bone marrow cells, anther (pollen mother cells). The testes (spermatocytes).

(2) is fixed. Material fixed according to the needs, and based on observation of Tablet immediately after, but does not make a separate fix (synchronized with dye), taken immediately after the inspection, materials can be used stationary liquid (acetic acid-alcohol fixative is commonly used) are fixed. Fixed 2-24 hours (varies depending on the material) with 95% alcohol after cleaning, saved in 70% alcohol, and set aside.

(3) the segregation. Cell not fanned out materials separation liquid water solution (for example, 1N HCl or HCL alcohol solution), 6~20min, by water rinsing after dissociation can only dye.

(4) dye. Many different kinds of stains. Observation of chromosomes commonly used acetic acid magenta dye stain.

(5) the tablet. Material placed on a slide, add a drop of water or solution, cover glass on the cover with the thumb pressing gently.

(6). After the tablet can be observed under the microscope.

3. Loading method

Loading method is the use of biological material taken as a whole method of seal made of glass, made by this method can be temporary or permanent mount.

Blade material: tiny creatures like Chlamydomonas, Spirogyra, Amoeba, Hydra, the leaves of the plant epidermis; insect wings, feet and mouths, of human oral epithelial cells and so on.

Slides made for attention:

(1) armed with slide film, should pay attention to flat, or on the terrace. Dripping water when appropriate, to nicely cover glass cover for the degree. (2) material with a dissecting needle or forceps should be expanded not overlapping, flattened on the same plane.

(3) cover glass while slowly from one side covered in water droplets to prevent bubbles.

(4) dye, a drop of dye drop one side of the coverslip using blotting paper from the other side to attract, the specimens uniformly colored under the coverslip. After coloring, in the same way, put a drop of water, after absorbing a staining, observed under the microscope.

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