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Surgical Blades Doctors Commonly Used Ten Scalpels

High-frequency electric knife, large sapillary knife, sapphire knife ... ... you have heard? Do you understand their use? Quest doctors commonly used 10 kinds of scalpels. According to experts, although they have some shape, and some even look like a knife, but have their own strengths, they can not only save the dying, to the disease demons, but also carved face. These knives are not only the doctor's right-hand man, but also the disease's "cold noodles."

First: General scalpel

Uses: cut the skin surface and deep tissue during surgery.

Features: Sterile, disposable.

Years: from history to do surgery, use so far.

Second: high frequency electric knife

Features: pure cutting, mixing, electrocautery, electrocoagulation, bipolar coagulation five working modes.

Uses: Surgery to control blood loss, that is, the surgical site of coagulation.

Years: since 1920 applied to clinical so far, has more than 70 years of history.

The third: argon knife

Features: argon protection cutting, argon arc spray coagulation.

Uses: can rule the trachea and visceral disease.

Price: more than 400,000 sets of equipment.

Fourth: phacoemulsification knife

Features: less blood surgery, less postoperative complications, quick recovery.

Uses: with phacoemulsification, attraction, washing, ultrasonic cutting hemostasis, ultrasound debridement function.

Price: more than 90 million sets of equipment.

Fifth: large saphenous pulse cutter

Features: Surgery do not need to do multiple incisions, trauma is small.

Uses: attending large saphenous varicose veins.

Price: 500,000.

Sixth: Surgical scissors

Features: economical, durable.

Uses: in the surgery from the shear effect.

Price: Ordinary surgery cut 10-30 yuan range.

Seventh: sapphire knife

Features: tip made of sapphire, very sharp.

Uses: used for facial beauty surgery.

Price: 4,000 yuan or more.

Eighth: the sea knife

Features: minimally invasive painless green therapy with high safety and good results.

Purposes: attending vulva leukoplakia and cervical erosion.

Ninth: LEEP knife

Features: Microwave therapy.

Uses: attending cervical disease.

Tenth: low temperature plasma ablation knife

Features: treatment time only 15-20 minutes, very little bleeding.

Purposes: attending allergic rhinitis.

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