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Surgical Scalpel Every Time It Is Autoclaved

The surgeon used the scalpel and the knife handle in the hospital. The blade is disposable, the handle is not. The other instruments are not disposable, but are autoclaved at each use. The so-called sterilization is to kill all micro-organisms. So as long as strict disinfection, do not worry about this problem.

How to use it

1. Bow bow: the most commonly used way of a knife, a wide range of flexible action, forced to cover the entire upper limb, mainly in the wrist. For longer skin incision and incision of the anterior sheath of the rectus abdominis.

2. Written: gentle, flexible and accurate operation, easy to control the dynamics of the knife, its action and strength mainly in the fingers. For short incision and fine surgery, such as dissecting blood vessels, nerves and incision of the peritoneum.

3. Hold: all holding a knife handle, thumb and forefinger pinching knife handle scratches. This method is more stable control knife. The main activity point of the operation is the shoulder joint. For a wide range of cutting, strong tissue, forced large incision, such as amputation, tendon incision, longer skin incision and so on.

4. Reversible type: is a written form of conversion, blade up to pick up, so as not to damage the deep organization. Operation first pierce, moving points in the fingers. For the removal of abscesses, blood vessels, trachea, common bile duct or ureter and other venous organs, cut off the clamp tissue or expand the skin incision and so on.

5. Shiatsu type: heavy force, the index finger pressure knife handle front, the latter half hidden in the hands. This method is not flexible knife. Mainly applicable to difficult to cut the skin tissue.

Group to form

A hand holding the handle, the other hand with a needle clamp (needle holding device) clamping the blade, embedded in the handle of the front of the concave, and then holding the needle clamp (needle holder) to clip the folder can be used.

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