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The 7th Academic Conference Was Sucessfully Held In Beijing

The 7th Academic conference was sucessfully held in Beijing last week. Jiangsu Huida Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd, as a main manufacturer of medical consumables in china was invided to attend the conference. This conference has gathered many manufacturer, end users, professors together. We can study the advanced development trends of  different medical consumables, as well as the using feedback from the end users. These information will help us to improve our products to meet customers requirements better. We can also update our technology after backing to factory. 

In this conference,  We have shown some consumables which were widely  used in Pathology department. such as, color frosted slides, Adhesive slides( postive charged slides, polysine slides, silane slides, Cytology adhesive slides).    We have our own proprietary technology.  Our slides are recommended for rountine H&E stains, IHC, ISH, frozen sections, Cytology smear, cell culture,Hydrophilic surface.Our R&D department are keep inproving the techonology so as to meet different fields' requirement and keep the stability of our products. 


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