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China Silk Suture For Skin

China Silk Suture For Skin

Certificate: CE, ISO, Free Sale Certificate Name: Sutures Silk Braided Coating Material: Wax Color: Black

Product Details

1. Application 

◆ A suture is a medical device that doctors, and embalmers especially surgeons, use to hold skin, internal organs, blood vessels and all other  tissues of the human body together, after they have been severed by injury, incision or surgery.

◆ one set is including a needle and a thread.

◆ It is widely used by Surgeons, physicians, dentists, podiatrists, eye doctors, registered nurses and other trained nursing personnel, medics, and clinical pharmacists typically engage in suturing. 

2. Silk suture black threads with needle

ComponentSilk obtained from the cocoon of the Bombyx Mori I Siik worm
Coating MaterialWax
ApplicationBlack Braided Silk is indicated in General Surgery, Ophthalmic Cuticle Closure, Skin Closure, Closure General, Cardiovascular, Gastroenterology, Gastrointestial, Gynecology/Obstetrics, Episiotomy, Neurosurgery and Bonding
SterileSterile by Gamma
Packing12pcs/box, 50boxes/carton, carton size:32*30*27cm, G.W/N.W..4kg/3KG
24pcs/box, 50boxes/carton, carton size:52 X32 X28 cm, G.W/N.W..8kg/6KG


3. Thread and Needle Size

Thread diameter8/0, 7/0,6/0, 5/0, 4/0, 3/0,2/0,1/0,  1, 2,
Thread Lenth45cm,60cm,75cm, 100cm,125cm,150cm
Needle lengthDifferent size is available according to your requirement
Needle curvatureStraight, 1/2 circle, 1/2 circle (double), 1/4 circle, 1/4 circle (double) 3/8 circle, 3/8 circle (double), 5/8 circle, loop round
Needle TypeRound bodied,round bodied (heavy),   curved cutting, curved cutting(heavy)
Reverse cutting,reverse cutting (heavy), tapercut, micro-point spatula curved

Needle type.JPG

needle photo.JPG

4. Classification

◆ Absorbable suture: It can be breaks down in tissue after a given period of time. 

◆ Non Absorbable Suture:It need to be removed by a surgeon after a surface incision has healed.

Absorbable sutures with needleChromic catgut and plain catgut
Polyglacolic acid  (PGA)
Polyglacolic acid rapid  (PGAR)
Poliglactine 910  (PGLA)
Poliglactine 910 Rapid
Polydioxanone PDO/PDX
Non Absorbable suture with needlePolypropylene
Stainless Steel

Suture photo.JPG

5. Certificate

◆ CE

◆ ISO 9001

◆ ISO 13485

◆ Free Sale Certificate

6. We are Manufacture


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